Mission Statement TrajanPower is a next generation energy services and sustainability solutions company. Our mission is to revolutionize the way people and businesses consume energy and achieve their sustainability goals. At TrajanPower, we believe that solving the world’s energy and climate crisis will be the greatest entrepreneurial and human challenge of the 21st century. Whatever the endeavor, it will be our willingness to fail that will give us the ability to succeed.

Where We're Going When it comes to revolutionizing the energy markets, we’re just getting started. TrajanPower aims to bring industry disrupting models and processes to all corners of the energy sector, with a focus on industries that have been overly deprived of competition and innovation for far too long. From energy-based mobile apps to solar and wind-powered electric vehicle charging stations, we’re up for the challenge!
What We Do TrajanPower.Com offers individuals and businesses access to the most advanced and intuitive carbon footprint calculator and offset service on the web. We provide entities across the spectrum with the ability to easily calculate their carbon footprint and offset their emissions in a transparent and accountable way. Every entity’s carbon footprint is unique in its size and makeup. Our goal is to help people make sense of their environmental impact by providing them with the tools and services to guide more sustainable lifestyle habits and business decisions.

TrajanPower also offers tailor-made electric and natural gas supply management solutions to large commercial entities within deregulated energy markets. Energy deregulation is a legislative process aimed at stimulating competition and product development within the electricity and natural gas markets by allowing independent suppliers to market and sell energy directly to the consumer. This relatively new phenomenon opens up a whole world of possibilities and advantages to the energy consumer not possible until now. Similar to a carbon footprint, every business’s energy needs are unique to their operations. Whether you’re looking to lock-in a guaranteed rate, switch to a 100% green energy plan, or just save some money, TrajanPower can help identify the best energy solution for your business.